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Samsung Developer Program

Meet GearUP


GearUP Overview

Multiple APIs. One cohesive platform. Unlimited possibilities.

Business is mobilized by multiple apps. But it’s not just the apps that are mobile. It’s you. Your challenges. Your opportunities. Everything. So how do you harness the potential next generation mobility? You wear it. But then there’s still the ubiquity of apps. And most wearable apps are siloed experiences linked to third-party services. Today, no platform provides cohesive, customized, and easy-to-manage services from different providers in one place. Until now.

Introducing the GearUP API platform. Paired with the Samsung GS3 wearable, GearUP empowers employees to access, receive, and send contextualized information. Anywhere, anytime. Hands free. Enterprises receive transformative insights—once invisible—now at your fingertips.

GearUP helps transform businesses into:

  • Places with healthier, more efficient, productive, and safer employees.
  • Deep learning, cost-efficient, and insight-driven enterprises.

And GearUP can be deployed seamlessly and effortlessly.

heart_icon.jpgHealth + Wellness

  • Fitness and wellness tracking
  • Medication reminder and adherence
  • Post-discharge real-time monitoring
  • Standalone API for Biometric tracking

gear_icon.jpgLogistics + Operations

  • Process management
  • Information management
  • Real-time notification and task tracking
  • Workforce productivity alerts

lock_icon.jpgSafety + Security

  • Emergency response alert service
  • Security tracking
  • Authentication and payment
  • Geolocation mapping service
  • Weather alerts


The GearUP wearable ecosystem

A scalable API platform

  • Single-dynamic destination for private and public API enablement; SSO
  • Standalone and secure access to sensor data
  • Tizen Accelerometer
  • API to API interaction between disparate services
  • Business logic, metrics, and analytics layer monitored and logged

A configurable web dashboard

  • Web-based configuration of APIs and services
  • Role-based custom deployment
  • Real-time status and analytics dashboard

A platform of dynamic wearable solutions

  • Converged API experiences that power seamless service interaction
  • Enablement of holistic services:
    • Task Management
    • Safety and Security
    • Hands-free Communication
    • Health and Wellness

An easy-to-use platform

  • Ability to integrate with any partner app existing on Gear manager/beta store
  • Kiosk mode
  • Authenticate user/services using Wi-Fi MAC address
  • Shared user login
  • Gesture tracking

heart_icon.jpgHealth care

Track employee wellness and reduce healthcare costs considerably. Gear up for a healthier and a more productive workforce.

  • Employee fatigue tracking through advanced sleep monitoring.
  • Real-time healthy behavior analytics.
  • Health gamification through Samsung rewards.
  • Emergency response enablement.
  • Post-discharge monitoring through advanced sensor tracking to avoid readmission.

finance_icon.jpg Finance

Optimize profits with more cognitive and effective trading decisions while maintaining the wellbeing of your workforce. Gear up for a profitable financial year.

  • Time-sensitive trade alerts.
  • Fatigue management by measuring stress levels.
  • Take-a-break reminder alerts.
  • Sales force management.
  • Hands-free delivery of instructions.
  • Priority email alerts.

retail_icon.jpg Retail

Augment active consumer engagement by tracking their ever-evolving purchasing behavior and digital habits. Gear up to transfrom the customer experience like never before.

  • Augmented sales intelligence.
  • Real-time customer logistics.
  • Customer incentive programs for achieving daily health goals.
  • Contextually driven retain incentive programs.
  • Shoppers’ insights and buying patterns.

hospitality_icon.jpg Hospitality

Switch to a more time-effective and cost-efficient task management system. Gear up for improved guest satisfaction and higher cost savings.

  • Operations staff logistics.
  • Wait staff alerts.
  • Real time task management.
  • Room-cleaning services management.
  • Task completion alerts and hands-free instructions.
  • Labor management.

gov_icon.jpg Government

Enable essential services to act and react faster with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency. Gear up for real-time public service.

  • One-touch emergency services.
  • Military mission guidance.
  • Biometric authentication.
  • Federal employee productivity.
  • Location tracking.
  • Wellness tracking for security forces.

transportation_icon.jpg Transportation

Increase the safety and security of your drivers, and ensure the seamless delivery of goods and services. Gear up for enhanced transportation logistics and safety.

  • Hands-free gesture-based commands to control the dashboard.
  • Fatigue management and adequate sleep reminder alerts for drivers.
  • Smart-key access to trucks for locking ‘red-level’ drivers from starting a truck.
  • Vehicle health monitoring.
  • Ground-crew logistics.
  • Airline logistics.
  • Navigation prompts.
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