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Samsung Developer Program

Theme App Policy and Requirements

This section contains requirements that are specifically related to registering, certifying, and distributing Theme apps (wallpapers, themes, wallpapers, icon packs, and AODs). Requirements must be considered in different phases of Theme app publishing (such as designing, creating, and modifying Theme app code; prior to and during app registration, and after distribution).

Additional requirements that Theme apps and all other free and paid apps must meet are not in this section. For more details about these requirements, see Policies, Requirements, and Guidelines.

Theme App Design and Development

All Theme apps must meet all requirements for Samsung validation. While the Samsung Validation Team evaluates Theme apps after registration is complete, Theme app design and content must meet validation requirements before the Theme app package binary files are uploaded. 

All Theme apps must be assigned the proper age restrictions during registration. For details about the Galaxy Store theme ratings and guidelines in specifying the appropriate age rating for your registered theme, see the Samsung Galaxy Apps Age Rating Guide, available from the Samsung Seller Office UI.

Theme app registration data and files must meet validation requirements before the Theme app is submitted for validation.

For details, see Policies, Requirements, and Guidelines.


Theme App Registration

The following table indicates the type of accounts that Theme app representatives must get and the processes they must complete in order to publish each type of Theme app.


Registering Personal

Samsung Account

Seller Office Account




Publish free Theme apps


Publish paid Theme apps





R - Required               ✔ – Can do             Ø – Cannot do


Requirements and Restrictions

The following requirements, restrictions, and interactions between entries govern Theme app registration in the Samsung Seller Office.

Theme Package Binary File Requirements Requirements for Theme app package binary files prior to file upload during app registration
Country Distribution Requirements for Theme app distribution and availability to users based on their country
Paid Theme App Pricing and Payment How paid Theme app prices are set in app registration and determined at the time of purchase transaction, and how users can pay for paid Theme apps


Theme App Distribution and Operation

Theme app distribution through the Samsung ecosystem and operation on a user device require the following:

  • To be distributed, the Theme app:
    • Must be based on the Android platform.
    • Must meet all Theme app requirements.
    • Must be registered in Samsung Seller Office and must pass validation by Samsung.
  • To be available to a user for review, purchase, and download:
    • For all Theme apps:
      • The user device must support Theme apps.
      • The user device must be a distribution device specified in the Theme app code.
      • The user device must be in a country:
        • Where the Galaxy Store for that country supports the user device.
        • That the Theme app registration specifies as a distribution country.
      • Galaxy Store client app must be installed on the user device.
    • For paid Theme apps:
      • The country that the user device in has a paid sales contract with the Galaxy Store.
      • When app registration specifies the When SAMSUNG Galaxy Apps becomes available in more countries or with more payment options, your themes will automatically be sold in those countries (Country & Price website) feature, when a new country initially agrees to a paid sales contract, then the Theme app is automatically distributed to that country, with app price subject to the Theme app's localized standard price or an applicable overriding factor such as a minimum payment price.
      • The user must have a Samsung account.
      • The price that the user pays to download the Theme app is either:
        • The country minimum price when the country-specific price is below the country minimum price and the user does not pay through their phone bill.
        • The carrier tier price specified in app registration when pay-by-phone-bill is specified as available and the user pays through their phone bill. Note: All carrier tier prices are above the country minimum price.
        • The country-specific price at the time of the purchase transaction.
  • To operate on a user device:
    • The Galaxy Store client app must be installed on the device.


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