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Samsung Developer Program

Generate Your Theme Package Files

  1. Navigate to and start Theme Editor.
  2. Select a project from the Open a recent file list or the Open Project File folder.
  3. In the main Theme Editor screen:
    1. Click Menu > Export and upload APK(E).
    2. In the Export and upload APK file popup:
      1. Enter the following:

        Destination APK file

        Directory to save the generated APK file(s)

        Keystore selection

        Which keystore to be used:

        • Use existing keystore: Use previously created keystore.
        • Create new keystore: Create and use a new keystore.
          See To create a new keystore: below.

        Keystore path

        Directory location of the keystore to be used


        Keystore password to be used in generating the APK file(s)


        Generate a Theme APK file for the selected resolutions:

        • Full HD: Full HD 1920x1080 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio, interlaced scan. Full HD also supports Full HD (Note7 & Later).
        • Full HD (Note7 & Later)

      2. A keystore file (.p12) can be used for signing any Android application. To create a new keystore:
        1. Click Create new keystore.
        2. Enter the following:

          *Keystore path 

          Directory location of the keystore to be used


          Keystore password to be used in generating the APK file(s)


          Keystore password to be used in generating the APK file(s)


          Value of the private and public key pair

          *Validity (years) 

          Length of time (days) the alias can be used

          First and last name

          Given name and surname of key person associated with the Theme

          Organizational unit

          Company business unit associated with the Theme


          Company or institution associated with the Theme

          City or locality

          Municipal location of the organization

          State or province

          Regional location of the organization

          Country code

          ISO country code of the organization location

        3. Click OK, and then click Next.
          Note: Store your keystore file and its password carefully. You will need this information to make updates to the APK.
    3. Preview images are used in your Theme listing in the Galaxy Themes section of the Galaxy Store. After the preview Theme UI screen images have been created:
      1. In the Preview images popup:
        1. Review each image.
        2. To change a preview image to an image not created by Theme Editor:
          1. Click [Image Replace].
          2. In the image open popup, navigate to, select, and open the image to use.
        3. Click Finish.
          The following image shows an example of exported Theme package files.
    4. After your Theme package files have been created:
      1. To close the Export APK popup without affecting the generated package files, click Close.
      2. To open the local folder containing the generated Theme package files, click Open folder.
      3. To open the Seller Office website, click Upload.
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