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Samsung Developer Program

Theme Package Files

After customizing your theme project, you can generate up to three theme package (APK) files: WQHD, FHD, and/or HD display resolutions.

For each resolution to be supported:

  • Image files added to parameters in the corresponding image resolution tab will be used. 
  • When an image file was not added in the corresponding resolution tab, the image file added in the WQHD tabs will be adjusted to the resolution and used.
  • When image files are added in both the WQHD and WQHD (Note) tabs, only one WQHD package file is generated (when specified to be generated).

When generating theme project files:

  • A theme package APK file will be generated for each selected resolution.
  • A .zip file containing the theme preview thumbnail files will be generated.

To distribute your theme, register its package files and information about your theme with Samsung Seller Office using Menu > Export and upload APK file(E), which generates the theme project APK files and the preview zip file, and opens the Samsung Seller Office website. Register your theme with Seller Office, and submit it for certification. 

After your theme is certified by Samsung, your theme package files will be distributed (either freely or commercially) through the Galaxy Themes section of the Galaxy Store. For details, see the Theme Distribute section.


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