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Theme Group and Subgroup Navigation

Navigate Theme Editor groups and their subgroups in order to select theme clusters and parameters, and from there navigate to the theme parameters and their settings that you want to review and change.


Theme Group Panel

  • A theme group is a set of controllable UI aspects that can be based on:
    • Features provided by the device OS that are common to many UI screens.
    • Preloaded features (such as the lock and Home screens).
    • Preloaded applications (such as email and contact apps).
    • Preloaded widgets and utilities (such as the notification widget, and keyboard and calculator utilities).
  • Basic theme groups are always available for display.
  • Each theme group is the parent to one or more subgroups.

Theme Subgroup Panel

  • A theme subgroup is a functional set of theme parameters.
  • Each subgroup is composed of one or more theme clusters.
  • For some subgroups (such as Font and Controls subgroups), displaying their entries (such as Font > Numeric and Clock) can be toggled with Up and Down arrow icons.
  • Selecting a subgroup displays the primary UI screen of the associated reference theme.
  • Red group or subgroup titles indicate one or more of its required parameters have not been set.
  • Black group or subgroup titles indicate that none of its parameters have been changed.
  • Blue group or subgroup titles indicate one or more of its parameters have been changed.
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