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Samsung Developer Program

Configure Theme Editor

You can customize the Theme Editor UI itself by clicking Menu > Settings(T).


Language English or Chinese (simplified).

Save projects

Length of time (minutes) between auto-save of current Theme Editor project.

Open recent

Number of themes, that were last opened in Theme Editor, displayed in the landing screen.

Preview Screens

Highlight line color

Color of theme cluster outlines:

Editable Items: Indicates that no parameters in the cluster have been set by the user since opening the saved theme project.

Edited Items: Indicates that parameters have been set by the user since opening the saved theme project.

Note: Parameters can also be set by the reference theme or by a parent-linked parameter, which will not affect the displayed color.


Type of reference theme and to-be theme display

Note: Currently only two-screen functionality is supported, which displays the reference and to-be themes.

Export APK

Package tool

Type of theme project files to be created

Note: Currently only Android™ SDK generation is supported.