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Theme Editor Menu Functions

The menu dropdown list allows you to configure Theme Editor operations and initiate actions related to your theme project.


Menu Description


Create a new project (.stp file).

Open project(O)

Navigate to and open an existing project file.

Open recent(R)

View and open a recent project (up to 10 projects).

Save project(S)

Save the currently open theme project with the same filename.

Save project as

Save the currently open theme project with a different filename.

Save project as (2017)

The year you selected when you created a new theme is appended to the filename.

Export and upload APK file(E)

Create an APK for the currently open theme project and open the Samsung Seller Office website (to register your theme).

Upload APK file to Seller Office(U)

If the APK is already registered, replaces it in Samsung Seller Office.

Apply to Device(P)

Caution: We recommend that you use Export and upload APK file(E) instead of this function.

Preview key screens(K)

Display thumbnail images of the primary to-be theme UI screens.


Edit theme information(I)

Edit theme project title, package name, author, version number, and version name.

Export all resource images

Save all theme project image files applied from the reference theme and added by users.


Review and set Theme Editor preference settings.


Samsung Mobile Theme Editor copyright, terms and conditions, and open source licenses.


Cancel the effects of the last UI action.


Re-apply the effects of the last canceled UI action.


After prompting to save the theme project if necessary, shut down Theme Editor.

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