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Samsung Developer Program

Create Your Theme Project

You can create a theme app in one project session or in multiple sessions by saving your theme project and re-opening it.

Note: During design and development, you must ensure your theme apps meet the requirements for registration, validation, and distribution in the Galaxy Themes section of the Galaxy Store. For details, see Theme App Policy and Requirements.


To create or continue developing your theme project

  1. Get all necessary image files to support your theme project. 
  1. Navigate to and start the Theme Editor executable file.


  2. Under Create New, select the type of theme project you want to create.
  3. The New theme screen appears. Enter the following:
    Theme Use the dropdown to select a year

    Theme title

    Unique title name of the development project for your theme

    Company domain

    URL domain (format: [company name].com)

    Package name

    Name of the generated theme package APK file for your theme project
    (format: com.[company name in Company domain].[Theme title])

    Authored by

    Name(s) of the principal theme developers


    Version number of the theme
    Note: When updating your theme in Samsung Seller Office, the new theme version must be higher than the previous theme version.

    Version name

    Brief description title name of the theme version
    Note: This description is displayed in your Seller Office theme offering.

    Base color Fundamental light/dark orientation of the theme


  4. To continue work on an existing theme project:
    1. Click [Project Name].
    2. Click Open, and then navigate to, select, and open the project.
  5. In the main Theme Editor screen:
    1. For each UI aspect to be controlled:
      1. Navigate to the theme group, subgroup of the theme parameter that controls the UI aspect. 
        For details, see Theme Group and Subgroup Navigation.
      2. Select the UI aspect's theme cluster:
        For details, see Theme Cluster Selection.
        1. Top-down approach:
          1. In the reference theme, click the [Cluster button].
        2. Bottom-up approach:
          1. Right-click a UI element to be controlled.
          2. In the Parameter List, click [Theme group > subgroup > parameter].
      3. Review and change the theme parameter settings.
        For details, see Theme Parameter Setting Control.
    2. To see the effects of current and changed theme parameter settings:
      1. Review your theme in the Theme Editor To-Be Theme Panel.
        For details, see Review Your Theme in Theme Editor.
      2. Review your theme in a supported device display
        For details, see Review Your Theme in a Device Display.


  6. To save your theme project, click [Menu > Save project(S)].
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