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Samsung Developer Program

Theme Apps

Theme Apps
Design and create custom mobile device UI themes, wallpapers, icon packs, and always-on displays (AODs), and market them to millions of Samsung customers.











Theme apps are skins that customize the device UI (graphics, fonts, colors, sounds, and more) to reflect an underlying concept, mood, brand, or other design factors to attract customers, and are created without coding in the Samsung Mobile Theme Editor.

Your Financial Benefits: The most talented theme developers benefit financially from having their unique designs available in the Galaxy Themes section of the Galaxy Store, which reaches about 40 million customers in 180+ countries worldwide, with more than 50 million theme app downloads.

Elite Club: Only a handful of developers have their theme apps chosen to be included in the Galaxy Store, so your apps have fewer competitors. To be part of this club, you need:

  • An original concept: Have users ever seen a design like yours? If not, take your original idea and create a theme.
  • Interesting original design: Create your own artwork, take your own photos, dream your own theme. Use your development and design skills and well-crafted artwork to implement your theme concept.
  • A complete portfolio and application: Many applicants are rejected for simple reasons (such as not completing forms or using content found on the web). Make sure your design is your own and all application information is in order before you submit your portfolio.


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