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Promote In-App Purchase Items

Promote In-App Purchase Items
How the Galaxy Store advertises your Android apps that sell in-app items, and how you can advertise them in your media channels

The Galaxy Store promotes your Android apps that sell in-app items based on information, graphics, and videos that you register with your apps using Samsung Seller Office. Samsung also assists you in promoting your apps through your own advertising channels outside the Galaxy Store, which can include app download discounts and coupon codes.

You can promote your in-app items within your apps and media channels.

Galaxy Store Store Promotions

The Galaxy Store promotes your Android apps, whether or not they offer in-app items through your the Android app detail page, in marketing areas with other apps and products, and by using banners.

All Android apps 

Each app and product distributed in the Galaxy Store has a detail page, which is the primary page promoting your apps and products. Apps and products that meet certain eligibility criteria are also listed in one or more market areas, from which customers can access detail pages.

Detail page

A detail page is where your customers review your app/product information and initiate download. The detail page shows information such as title, description, and pricing, graphic images including screenshots, and video files registered to your app or product. You can change what is shown at any time through Samsung Seller Office.

The content of a detail page depends on the Android app information registered through Samsung Seller Office.

For an example of a detail page, see the Promote lifecycle page for Android apps.

Galaxy Store store market areas

The Galaxy Store promotes your apps and products in a variety of market areas.


Category.png        Games_Category.png

All apps and products are categorized according to their type as registered with Seller Office:

  • All categories page:

    • Search function

    • Theme Store promotional banner

    • Links to each category of app or product

  • Single category page

    • Apps and products grouped by: all, paid (commercial), free, and newly released.

    • Each app / product card links to its detail page.

    • UI buttons enable users to:

      • Purchase and download apps and products.

      • Update apps and products that have a newer release.

      • Access any apps and products that users have already downloaded.

Top Free and Top Paid

Top_Free.png          Top_Paid.png

The Top Free and Top Paid page lists the 300 apps and products with the highest number of downloads:

  • Top Free: Users can download without paying

  • Top Paid: Users pay a fee to download


Select Android apps

You can request special promotion selection through an SDP helpdesk promotion request ticket. Our editorial team will evaluate your content and request and determine whether to select your app or product. Join SDP, sign in, and submit a request ticket.


Collections of apps and products that meet selection criteria are promoted using banners, which typically increase daily downloads by four to five times. The Galaxy Store editorial staff creates banners for trending topics, select the apps and products to be included in each collection, and determine each banner's promotion start and stop dates.   

Banner_Gear.png Banner_Game.png Banner_Flower_Theme.png

Galaxy Store market areas

Your app and product detail pages are either available without restriction or potentially available, based on categorization, current downloads, and selection, to customers in the Galaxy Store. After a customer selects your app or product, their detail pages are available in the following areas of the Galaxy Store.

Staff Picks


Promotes apps and products that the Galaxy Store editorial team has specially selected:

  • Selected apps and products are presented in specifically designed banners.

  • Our editorial team merchandises the store weekly and uses that information to refresh promoted content.



Promotes apps and products available only in the Galaxy Store that are different from other apps and products, optimized for Samsung devices, and/or contribute to the overall revenue and traffic of the section.  


Promotion outside the Galaxy Store