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Samsung Developer Program

Distribute In-App Purchase Items

Distribute In-App Purchase Items
Publish your Android apps and their in-app items, and manage their pricing and your finances


To market your Android apps and their in-app items in the Galaxy Store, perform the following in the online Samsung Seller Office:

  • Register your apps and their in-app items, and get them certified
  • Manage app distribution, pricing, discounts, coupons, and finances.
  • Manage in-app item pricing and finances (such as updating prices, reviewing distribution and purchase reports, and reviewing profit financial records).

To support app download and in-app item purchase:

  • The Samsung In-App Purchase server directs and coordinates purchase processing.
  • Seller Office provides current app and item data (such as pricing).
  • Your users' Samsung Account ensures transaction authorization.



For details about app and in-app item registration, certification, distribution, and management, see App Publishing.


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