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public class Options

This class contains all options to configure how OpenIAB chooses the app store strategy, inventory checking, and purchase verification mode selection. These settings only work with Android™ OS, and some are not applicable for all Android app stores.

Options Fields

Modifier and Type

Field and Description

public const int


Default timeout (in milliseconds) for discovering all OpenStores on the device.

public const int


Timeout (milliseconds) for inventory checking.

public int


Waiting time (milliseconds) to find all OpenStores on the device.

public bool


To check user inventories in every app store to select the proper app store.

public int


Waiting time (milliseconds) to check inventories in all stores.

public OptionsVerifyMode


Check purchases by using the setting VERIFY_SKIP, or let OpenIAB do the checking by setting VERIFY_EVERYTHING or VERIFY_ONLY_KNOWN.

This requires public keys for supported Android stores. The Samsung Galaxy Apps Store does not support this option.

public SearchStrategy


Search strategy to determine the app store to be used.

Possible values:

  • SEARCH_STRATEGY_INSTALLER — Uses the app store the app was downloaded from, or what app store was specified when sideloading via ADB.
  • SEARCH_STRATEGY_BEST_FIT — Determines the best app store to purchase from by checking past purchases and purchasable items.
  • SEARCH_STRATEGY_INSTALLER_THEN_BEST_FIT — Combines the SEARCH_STRATEGY_INSTALLER and SEARCH_STRATEGY_BEST_FIT options. It chooses SEARCH_STRATEGY_INSTALLER first, and if no installer has been found either due to an unrecognized app store or app sideload, it then uses SEARCH_STRATEGY_BEST_FIT.

public Dictionary<string, string>


Map of app store names and their equivalent public key base 64.

public string[]


Priority list if there are multiple stores installed on the same device that supports billing.

public string[]


public int


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