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OpenIAB Unity Plugin

How to implement Samsung IAP functionality into your Android apps using the OpenIAB Unity plugin.

The modified Open In-App Billing (OpenIAB) Unity plugin and library extend OpenIAB purchasing and billing transaction management by relying on Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) 3.0, including its latest features:

  • Auto-recurring subscriptions support: Developers can sell in-app items every month with automatically recurring billing.

  • Easier service app identification: Identification is based on the service app package name instead of a 12-digit item group ID.

  • Custom commercial item ID support: Commercial item IDs can be conveniently managed and identified using a custom item name instead of a 12-digit product item ID.

  • Faster lists of user-purchased items: Client-side caching allows faster retrieval of a list of user-purchased items for the specified item ID.

The OpenIAB plugin enables Unity developers to reduce turnaround time to integrate in-app billing and purchasing functionality. The OpenIAB library is a common interface for mobile platforms such as Android OS, iOS, and Windows Phone OS.

By integrating OpenIAB API calls into service app logic and code, you can distribute your service apps and their items through OpenIAB-compliant app stores such as Samsung Galaxy Apps and Google Play™ stores, and use their associated systems for commercial purchasing, billing, and management.

For more details and to download the Samsung IAP SDK, see

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