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Samsung Developer Program

Samsung In-App Purchase SDK

The Samsung IAP SDK enables you to sell in-app items from your free and paid Android apps and provides you with guidance.



Android Studio IDE Setup

Your IDE system must meet Android Studio requirements.

After they are met, download the latest Android Studio.


Getting the Samsung IAP SDK

To download the Samsung IAP SDK and reference materials, see

The IAP SDK file also includes the following projects:

Note: Samsung IAP Client was previously known as Samsung IAP Helper.

Project Location Description
IAP5Helper ./Libs/IAP5Helper AIDL interface for Android apps to link with IAP v5.0
IAP5Sample ./Samples/IAP5Sample Sample app project using IAP5Helper


For details about integrating IAP Client functionality into your Android app, and integrating IAP Server functionality into your app server, see Integrate Samsung In-App Purchase.


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