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Samsung Developer Program

Integration Steps

An overview of the steps to integrate the IAP Helper API into your Android app, to integrate the IAP Server API into your app server, and to develop an Android app - app server IAP interface


To support the sale of in-app items

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  1. Get a commercial Seller Office account to distribute free and paid Android apps that sell in-app items.

  2. Design how your app will support in-app items:

    1. Ensure your app and its in-app items follow Samsung policies and requirements.

    2. Design how to integrate the  IAP Helper API in order to:

      1. Get and use the latest data for in-app items: that the user previously purchased, and that are available for purchase.

      2. Provide users with the ability to review and purchase in-app items (for example, in an in-app item store that is part of your Android app).

      3. Have app and user actions related to in-app items initiate and manage the response  (such as adjusting the UX after an item purchase).

    3. Design how your Android app will integrate its part of the IAP interface to use IAP Server functionality.

  3. Design your Android app or app server IAP interface.

  4. Design how your app server will support in-app items:

    1. How your app server will integrate its part of the IAP interface.

    2. How to integrate the IAP Server API in order to support purchase verification and getting subscription status.

  5. Develop your integrated Android app and app server, and your IAP interface:

    1. Integrate IAP Helper API into Your Android App.

    2. Integrate IAP Server API into Your App Server.

    3. Set Up the Android App - App Server IAP Interface.

  6. Register your app and its in-app items and get them validated in Seller Office:
    For details about registering and validating in-app items only, see Manage Your In-App Items.

    1. Register your app and upload your app binary file that integrates Samsung IAP.

    2. Register your in-app items to your app. 

    3. Submit your app and all of its in-app items for validation.

  7. Manage the marketing of your app and its in-app items through Seller Office:
    For details about managing in-app items only, see Manage Your In-App Items.

  • Review and change their distribution countries and mobile devices.

  • Review and change their pricing.

  • Review your finances.


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