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Samsung Developer Program

Design In-App Purchase Items

Plan your in-app items and in-app item store. Learn how Samsung IAP functionality will sell in-app items to your app users


Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) functionality enables you to sell in-app items directly from your Android apps. After your app user initiates the purchase of an in-app item, your app uses Samsung IAP, OpenIAB, or Unity API calls to cause Samsung IAP and supporting components to manage the back-end and UI support of purchase pricing, the purchase transaction, record-keeping, and financial reporting.  

IAP_Purchase_Flow_1.png IAP_Purchase_Flow_2.png IAP_Purchases_Flow_3.png

Your app presents IAP items to the user.

For a better UX, we recommend that your app:

  • Query in the background for available item info (including titles, descriptions, and prices).
  • Present IAP items in a clear and distinctive way.

Samsung IAP:

  • Displays current item and purchase information, and directs the user through the purchase transaction.
  • Notifies your app of the results.

Your app responds to the purchase.

For a better UX, we recommend that your app deliver a clear message (successful or unsuccessful) in response to purchases.


As of IAP SDK 5.0, the product types have been simplified into two types: item and subscription. One in-app item can be one item or a group of many items of the same type.


Consumable item


Ideal for items that can be purchased over and over again for users to advance in a game app.

  • For example, coins, lives, food, or potions.
  • Your users can purchase and repurchase as many items as they want.
  • They use each purchased item one time.

Nonconsumable item


Ideal for affecting your app UX, such as removing advertising, enabling a superpower for your user's game character, or providing continuously changing experiences.

  • For example, a premium upgrade of the user's account, or progressively advanced race courses.
  • Your users can only purchase the item one time.
  • The item remains effective indefinitely.









Not available as of Samsung IAP v5.0

Nonrecurring subscription item

Perfect for releasing content or advanced features for a certain period of time.

  • For example, enhancements for the user's game character.
  • Your users can purchase a subscription any number of times.
  • Each subscription remains effective for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • At the end of the current subscription period, the subscription terminates automatically.

Auto-recurring subscription item


Perfect for releasing content or advanced features for an extended period of time.

  • For example, a monthly game newsletter.
  • Your users purchase a subscription, and it is automatically repurchased at the end of each subscription period.
  • Each subscription can have a free trial period (30, 60, or 90 days), after which paid subscriptions become effective.
  • Each subscription remains effective for one calendar month.
  • Users can manually terminate the subscription at any time.
    The subscription item remains effective until the end of the current subscription period.