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Design In-App Purchase Items

Design In-App Purchase Items
Plan your in-app items and in-app item store. Learn how Samsung IAP functionality and the Samsung ecosystem manage the sale of in-app items to your app users


When your app users initiate the purchase of an in-app item, your app uses Samsung IAP or Unity API calls to cause Samsung IAP and Samsung ecosystem components to manage the back-end and UI support of: item pricing, and purchase transaction, record-keeping, and financial management.  

IAP_Purchase_Flow_1.png IAP_Purchase_Flow_2.png IAP_Purchases_Flow_3.png

Your app presents in-app items to the user.

For a better UX, we recommend that your app:

  • Query in the background for available item info (including titles, descriptions, and prices).
  • Present in-app items in a clear and distinctive way.

Samsung IAP:

  • Displays current item and purchase information, and directs the user through the purchase transaction.
  • Notifies your app of the results.

Your app responds to the purchase.

For a better UX, we recommend that your app deliver a clear message (successful or unsuccessful) in response to purchases.


Depending on the Samsung IAP version, the supported in-app item types include: item (consumable and non-consumable) and subscription (auto-recurring and non-recurring). One in-app item can be one item or a group of many items of the same type.


Consumable item


Ideal for items that can be purchased over and over again for users to advance in a game app (for example, coins, lives, food, or potions).

  • An item can be used in the app one time.
  • After the item is reported as consumed (whether or not the it is used in the app), the item can be repurchased.

Nonconsumable item


Perfect for affecting your app UX (for example, removing advertising, enabling a superpower for your user's game character, or providing progressively advanced race courses).

  • An item can only be purchased one time.
  • An item remains effective indefinitely.


Auto-recurring subscription item


Ideal for releasing content or advanced features for an extended period of time (for example, an advanced version of the app, or a monthly newsletter).

  • A subscription can have a free trial period (7 days or longer), after which paid subscriptions become effective.
  • A subscription remains effective for one calendar month, which starts after any free trial period.
  • A subscription is automatically repurchased at the end of each monthly subscription period.
  • Users can manually terminate the subscription at any time.
    The subscription item remains effective until the end of the free trial period or current subscription period.

Nonrecurring subscription item
(Not available for Samsung IAP v5.0 and later)

Perfect for releasing content or advanced features for a certain period of time (for example, enhancements for the user's game character).

  • A subscription remains effective for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • At the end of the current subscription period, the subscription terminates automatically.
  • A subscription can be repurchased any number of times


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