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Samsung Developer Program

Develop Edge Apps

Develop Edge Apps
Create Edge panel and feed apps and market them through the Galaxy Apps store.

This section provides information about developing Edge apps, which are a Samsung-specific version of Android widgets.

To develop your Edge apps:

  1. Review:
    1. Development options, requirements, recommendations, and IDE (Edge App Development Overview).
    2. Programming guidelines:
      1. For all types of Edge apps (Fundamental Edge Functionality).
      2. For Edge Single Plus Panels, Edge Single Panels, and Edge Feeds.
    3. Edge API Structure and the Look Edge API Reference.
  2. Set up your Edge app:
    1. Specify your Edge app configuration.
    2. (Conditional) To distribute your standalone Edge app(s) in the Galaxy Apps store, identify them.
  3. Initialize Look functionality and handle initialization exceptions.
  4. Determine whether the user device supports your type of Edge app:
    1. On devices that do not support your Edge app, gracefully terminate.
    2. On devices that support your Edge app, the platform makes it available to users.
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