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Samsung Developer Program

Discover Android Apps

Discover Android Apps
Market and financial opportunities for you and your Android apps in the Samsung Galaxy Apps ecosystem

Market your Android apps in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store:

  • Galaxy Apps is preinstalled on every Samsung device, which is the majority of the Android market. 
  • Global app downloads: 1.6 billion (2016).
  • 202+ million MAU globally.
  • Commercial apps and in-app items are available in 90+ countries, including top markets such as the United States, Korea, and Germany.
    The U.S. has 23 million monthly active users and more than 11 million monthly app downloads. These numbers are growing each month.
  • 77 million visitors weekly to the Galaxy Apps store worldwide. 
  • Developers receive 70% of their app and in-app item revenue.
  • Your Android app takes up greater 'shelf space' in the Galaxy Apps store.
  • Samsung IAP supports various payment methods: credit card, carrier billing, and PayPal in more than 90 countries.  

Note: To be distributed through the Samsung Galaxy Apps store, your app must pass the certification review process.

For details about designing and developing Samsung functionality into your Android app, see the Design and Develop lifecycle section.


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