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Rich Notification UX Layout, Elements, and Actions


This section describes how your Gear device users can review, use, and control rich notifications through the rich notification UI. This section also presents the Android™ notification UI to understand the similarities and differences between the two types of notifications. Android and rich notifications are presented in the notification board. 

Rich notification supports circular UI displays (Samsung Gear S2) and rectangular displays (Samsung Gear S) (see the following illustration).



Rich notification content consists of text, graphic, and action elements in a primary section (required) and a secondary section (optional). Primary and secondary section layout is specified by a RN template; five primary section templates and two secondary templates are available.  

For each rich notification, the Android™ (host) app specifies the template(s) that control the content and layout of the primary and secondary sections, the text and graphic content of each section, and the UI button actions, user choices, and their icons. 

Each section template controls which text, graphic, and button elements are available in the section:

Text content Primary and secondary sections can optionally include title, subheader, body text, list item title and body, and small icon text.
Graphic content Primary and secondary sections can optionally include images (such as section and header background images, and small images in a section), icons (such as UI button and user-choice icons), graphics (such as those associated with the entire rich notification).
Button action content Rich notifications can optionally include the primary action (first action specified) and up to nine secondary actions (in the order they are specified). 

The primary action UI button is displayed at the bottom of the rich notification. The primary and all secondary action UI buttons are displayed in the More Options screen.


This section includes actual UI displays (views that can be presented on a Gear device at one time) and expanded displays (views of the entire UI screen that can only be presented on a Gear device by scrolling the screen) for Samsung Gear S devices (rectangular screen) and Samsung Gear S2 devices (circular screen). 



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