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Send a new rich notification

Caution: To send a rich notification, ensure that the Gear device user has unchecked Samsung Gear > Notifications > Limit notifications. If this setting is checked, rich notifications cannot be sent to the Gear device even though the Gear device is connected.

Android™ apps post rich notifications to the RN Service via notify(). The RN Manager sends the rich notification to the Gear Manager of the connected device. After processing the request (sending the rich notification), the RN Service initiates a callback, which the Android app can receive via an event listener.

Posting returns the UUID of the rich notification that your Android app can store in order to use the UUID in the future in order to update or delete the rich notification.

Note: Because a Gear device can store up to 50 rich notifications per RN Android app, it is recommended to store notification UUIDs in persistent data on the Android device to ensure it survives an Android device reboot.

For details about RN callback event listeners, see Managing Rich Notification Callbacks.



Posts the specified rich notification with the RN Service on the Android device in order to have it sent to the connected Gear device. 

notification Declared name of the new rich notification to be posted.


UUID assigned to the posted rich notification.


To post a rich notification on the host device for sending to a Gear device:

Note: Ensure the Gear device is connected to the Android device and the Android device Gear Manager is configured to permit the Android app to send rich notifications to connected remote devices.



To locally store UUID of a posted rich notification:

UUID notificationId = richNotificationManager.notify(myRichNotification);


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