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Samsung Developer Program

Rich Notification

Reach your wearable device users using enhanced notification messages.

Samsung Rich Notification (RN) is a lightweight messaging service that enables developers to reach users through enhanced rich notification messages with minimum effort. Your RN users can quickly perform actions such as responding to a message, navigating to a destination, or liking a photo without having to pull out their phone or search through their apps.

Rich notifications are concise, informative, and actionable messages that:

  • Offer bite-sized updates that highlight the most important details at a glance.
  • Enable third-party applications to send real-time updates to Gear device users.
  • Support personalization and branding. They provide full-color graphics, rich text, and flexible content layouts. They offer a stylish and engaging way for users to interact with their favorite services.
  • Contain action buttons at the top notification level. Single-touch RN buttons enable users to engage with notification content and perform related tasks. 

Rich Notification Callbacks for User Actions

To send rich notifications from an Android device to a connected remote wearable Gear device, integrate the Rich Notification API into your Android™ application, which may or may not be associated with a Gear companion app. After a Gear device receives a rich notification, its processing is managed by the platform, including managing its display, its UX, and its callbacks to the sending Android app. Rich Notification functionality does not require integration into Gear apps. However, the sending Android app can initiate actions on the Android device and on the Gear device.

You can choose from a variety of templates that provide alternate visual layouts and content structures. Up to 50 rich notifications per RN-integrated Android app can be delivered without synchronization from the Android device application to a connected Gear wearable device.

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